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I had laser surgery done in 2009, for CIN1 it was over treated. The cervix is. flush with the uterus due to the surgery

Stuart, VA |

Since the cervix is flush with the uterus, they can't see it or do a simple procedure to fix it. The 2009 surgery is causing me to now have a possible radical hysterectomy.
Overly aggressive treatment is causing me to have major life changing surgery. Anything I can do?
Thanks in advance for your advice!

I understand about the two years and it may not work out. Having said that, I did not know about this until now as the pre cancerous cells have become far more worrisome to the Dr's. Also the fact that the surgery made it impossible to determine what is going on in the cervix. So there may well be cancer in there and my Dr. who did the surgery never told me that she really could not see it. The hysterectomy will of course remove the cervix that was destroyed by my former Dr. At that point no matter statutes of limitations or what I won't have much of a legal leg to stand on. The bottom line for me is, if it had not been for the Dr's overly aggressive treatment and possibly botched surgery I am now having to have a major surgery that once it's done, I have very few options left.

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The statute of limitations in your state is 2 years with exceptions, thus, contact a med mal lawyer in VA to discuss.


Concur with Mr. Lassen, you are likely past the statute of limitations to bring a suit, but you MAY have options that a med-mal attorney can tease out. See one ASAP.

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Unfortunately you may have passed the two year legal deadline to file suit. There are some exceptgions, but I suggest you contact a Virgina attorney NOW

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