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I had CTR surgery on my right hand. 4 weeks ago I started having pains on the thumb of the same hands.

Milwaukee, WI |

The doctor says that I have trigger thumb and insists that it is not related to the surgery.

I use my hands a lot for work and this is really impairing for me. I am not someone that is quick to sue for frivolous reason. However I am angry that I have this pain and reduced range of motion because the CTR surgery.

If the surgeon had advised me of this possible outcome after CTR surgery, I would have lived with what I had, which was more livable and less painful than trigger thumb.

What are my options?

Surgery for CTR was 4 months ago, instead trigger thumb started 4 weeks ago. Doctor says it is unrelated. I don't believe it and researching online I find out that most of the folks that have trigger fingers have had CTR surgery. This should have been disclosed to me prior to surgery.

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You may find it helpful to review the Legal Guide I have created on which deals with medical malpractice and what it is. If, after reviewing the Guide, you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice, you should set up an appointment with a local personal injury attorney who handles malpractice cases. You can access my Legal Guide through my profile page.

It may behoove you to get an opinion from a 2nd Dr. as to the reason for the trigger thumb. Try to find a Dr. who is not associated with your current surgeon.

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There are many good attorneys in Milwaukee that do malpractice. However, what you are describing sounds like a tough case on both liability and damages. Malpractice cases are very costly to pursue, and most attorneys have to make a business decision on whether having constant pain in your thumb justifies the time and expense that goes into these cases. I feel bad for you , and it is difficult when you use your hand almost every minute of the day. Bottom line, is you need to find someone locally who is willing to invest the time and money in your case, and there still has to be an expert that said the surgeon deviated form accepted standards of care in the operation. It is a tough case.


4 weeks is a pretty short time to heal, best bet is to get it some more time.

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