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I had auto accident on 4/20/12

Tacoma, WA |

i want to tell you guys(Lawyers) about my situation.
i had rear-end auto accident on 4/20/12 and i already have pre existing on my low back.
i have L-4/L-5 disc surgery on 2010. and i got disable card for my car.
after 2011 june i stopped see my neurologist and stopped my oxycodone 5mg pills
but after i got accident on 4/20/12 I'm taking 6 pills of oxycodone.
we tried everything during 12 month.( physical therapy,MRI,CAT scan,epidural injection,Acupuncture) also i went my previous surgeon and he said if i get surgery one more time it could me more pain, so he didn't recommended. my medical bill is about $25.000
my lawyer said he will try to get policy limit from other guys insurance & try to get from mine too. can you guys think i can get policy limit from both of insurance?

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A plethora of factors go into determining whether you would get limits, not just the amount of your medical bills. Your lawyer would be in the best position to know.


Hi. I'm glad to hear you have an attorney. I suppose the big question is - if you have an attorney, why are you seeking answers here. Certainly under the basic facts you've outlined, in WA, the law says you take your victim as you find them. If you were made worse after the collision, then you are entitled to compensation. My suggestion is that you go back to your attorney and ask him: 1) what are the total amount of policy limits available; 2) what is his plan for obtaining these limits; 3) what is his timeline. In the meantime, I hope that you continue to seek appropriate medical attention to try to get yourself as well as can be. The attorney-client relationship is built on trust and respect. Communication is key. So please share your concerns and ask these questions of your attorney. Best wishes.


Answered in another post.

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This is a great question to ask your attorney you have already hired. The answer to this question depends on all kinds of factors and circumstances surrounding the collision and your treatment that your attorney should already be aware of. The information provided just simply isn't enough to give a yes or no answer.


Certainly possible to retrieve both policy limits if your new/superimposed injury is properly medically documented. Your attorney knows more about the facts and evidence in your case and you should trust her/him unless you have some good reason to not. Most of our PI attorneys in Puget Sound region know what they're doing.

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