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I had an aggravated assault wdw Got it reduced to a class a misdeminor Could it be reduced to class c?

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I got involved in a fight where my brother was being held by one guy and Another one was going to hit him i had a gun so I pulled it out they. A third guy hit me in the back of my head so I felt down they hit me and my brother but I was arrested and charged with a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon I pleaded guilty to a class a minor asault case. But since This case is going To put me out of work I'm wondering if it can be reduced to a lass c misdeminor

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Anything is possible. If you turn down the class A, you'll have to set the case for trial and hope the DA doesn't pull the offer altogether. Your attorney is in the best position to tell you the likelihood of a class C.

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This is a question for your defense lawyer. No one here is going to be able to give you anything but a blind wild guess.

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If you already pled guilty then it's too late to get another reduction. If you pled to a deferred adjudication you can file a motion to have your record sealed two years from the date the deferred probation is completed.

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