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I had a warrant issued for state jail time . was picked up in another county and transferred and incarcerated .

Hurst, TX |

I was unaware of the citation not being resolved while I was currently incarcerated . The citation has been referred to a collection agency . I was unaware of the issue because I was currently at another address when the first few notices went out . Should I be able to get this dismissed or do I need to request time served ?

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You have an obligation to keep the court informed of your current address, so you will not be able to get the ticket dismissed for that reason. If you ask for time served you will be found guilty. Depending on the type of ticket that you had this may have some ramifications. The best thing that you can do is hire a traffic ticket attorney.


You need to speak with a ticket lawyer to find out if you even owe the ticket. To owe on a criminal case - even speeding or running a red light or the like - you first have to have disposed of the case. A ticket lawyer can verify if you did that. Even if you think you didn't, you may have disposed of the case without clearly understanding what you were doing. So, speak with a ticket lawyer.

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