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I had a question about my treatment after a car accident.

Chicago, IL |

Is it okay to switch my primary physician during treatment?

I started treatment with a new doctor for my injury because he was affordable and I was paying from my personal expenses. I now have medical funds from my car insurance policy available that I did not know about at first and I thought I might go to my previous family doctor. Is there any problem with this if I am pursuing a claim?

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The short answer is usually not. Long gaps in treatment are typically more damaging to claims than changing your primary care doc one time. If you have a lawyer for your claim, you should certainly talk to him/her to get input because they will know more about your case and your treatment.

Michael W. Clancy
Clancy Law Offices


From the standpoint of an insurance company, they will look at it as doctor shopping. This can be countered by making sure both doctors note the reason for the change - especially if the doctor you are leaving approves of the change in physicians and has not advised an end to treatment. Likewise, if your current doctor is advising an end to treatment, looking to another doctor may be taken as an attempt to inflate your case.

I think you should do what is best for your care. I advise you to seek the assistance of a reputable attorney to help with your case.

Hope this helps.

/s Donald Kudler


You have a right to be treated by any doctor you choose. Keep in mind, however, that insurers and defense lawyers may try to make this look like "doctor shopping," as perception is everything.
You should seeyour doctor and not worry how it affects your case. Call 773.944.9737 to discuss any questions you have.


All of these answers already posted are good.

My advice would be to stay on board the ship you are on. When you jump from ship to ship in the middle of the ocean, you are apt to fall into the water and drown. You chose to go to a doctor for treatment. Unless there is an extraordinary reason to switch that is medically justifiable at this point, you are not well advised to move from one doctor to another no matter how much you like your original doctor.

Suit yourself. But be sure to talk with your lawyer before taking any action.

Good luck

Donald Nathan

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