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I had a premature baby she was doing great no more iv or anything.the only thing she was giving was her feeding and her nasal ca

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Nasal air and it was on the lowest bc she was breathing on her own she pulled out her own breathing tube thats how good she was doing.she just needed to grow.ok so on that note her milk was being increased daily.until she started throwing it bck up and also dirriah so they went down on her milk.this is in one week ok so everyday that I check on her o shes doing great so sat I go c her.noone calls me that am.i get up there and they r telling me that my baby is really sick it started 11ths am.they do xrays bloodwork stop feeding and test comes bck that she has a hole in her intestines and she has to b transfered to another hospital. They let her sleep on her stomach and I feel like they should hve seen ths earlier withthe symptoms
and I feel like they should hve seen ths earlier a

Also it took hours to transfer her because they said she was too sick finally they transfered her using their equipment this should have been decided sooner bc of this she didnt get to the hospital till later that night my baby passed that night I feel this didnt have to happen bc the nurses should hve been looking out fir this disease bc now I know that this is something premmies get sometimes and it should have been caught earlier which would have saved my baby life.

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I am very sorry for your loss. There may in fact be a viable claim here. Unfortunately, the law does not place the value on a baby's life that you would think. Consult with a medical malpractice attorney ASAP


I am so sorry for your loss. I would definitely discuss with an experienced malpractice attorney. He or she will have to review the records, and then have an expert review to give you a definitive answer. Good Luck.


I will echo everyone else's sentiments and share my condolences with you. I cannot imagine suffering through the loss of a child. Having said that, medical malpractice cases are very technical from a legal standpoint, and they are very fact specific. While the information you have shared is instructive, none of us can give you any sense of whether you have a truly viable claim until we sit down with you and review all of the medical records.

The way the law evaluates a medical malpractice claim is to review the doctor/nurse's behavior against what another similarly situated doctor/nurse would have done. If your daughter's treater did not do the things they should have done, it may be a "breach of the standard of care." If that is the case, you would have a claim.

I would advise you to contact one of us who does medical malpractice cases sooner rather than later. I would also advise you to request all of her medical records from both hospitals where she was treated. When they ask you why you are requesting the records, you should just tell the hospitals it is for insurance purposes (in my opinion, it is none of their business that you are reviewing the case, and you don't want to give anyone an opportunity to alter any records before you receive them).

All of us offer free consultations, and it is an opportunity for you to understand how a claim like this works (since medical malpractice is unlike any other negligence lawsuits) and what you can expect starting from the review to ultimate resolution of any potential claims. Good luck in your healing.

For more information, contact us at or (770) 984-5380. The initial consultation is always free. This post is intended to provide general guidance, and should not be construed as legal advice. While I am an attorney, unless we sign a retainer agreement, I am not your attorney, and any information shared on Avvo does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please mark this answer as "Helpful" or "Best Answer" if you like it.

Fareesh S. Sarangi

Fareesh S. Sarangi


Thank you for marking this post as helpful, and feel free to call me if I can answer any specific questions.

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