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I had a petition to revoke my DUI court supervision today what's going to happen??

Peoria, IL |

I had to do 80 public service hours. I did them but they weren't approved by my probation officer I have to go back to court in August. since I didn't get them done on time, will it still be possible to get my fine converted into public service hours?? I haven't worked in over 2 years due to my background . what surprised me is that they didn't even mention the fine at court just the public service hours. The public defender told me I can do my public service hours down at the courthouse , something I wished my probation officer told me. She had said as long as they're done at a non profit organization that I would be fine but when I got to court I wasn't . can anyone tell me what's likely to happen?? I can't get a conviction because i caught the DUI on someone else's insurance.

And I don't want them to get their insurance cancelled because of me.

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If you perform the public service hours as ordered, and are otherwise complaint with everything else, they will likely not revoke your court supervision.

Every case varies depending on the law and the facts. Because questions often fail to disclose important facts, these 'answers' cannot and should not be relied upon as a replacement for a full or complete review of an actual case by a retained attorney. It is axiomatic that one only 'gets what they pay for', and this is one of those situations where such a phrase generally applies.


You should discuss your case again with your PD. If the only basis was improper community service placement, you should be able to ask for additional time to try again. Make sure the placement is approved before starting.


Your license will be revoked and you could go to jail. Do the hours.

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