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I had a needle stick injury from a syringe in a store .do the store has to pay for my medical bills?

Lynnwood, WA |

I was shopping with my daughter in a store and while I was trying up a coat ,I put my hand in the pocket and I got stick in a finger by a needle ,in the pocket was a used syringe with a bent finger start bleeding, I went to the main desk, and the manager call the police, then the ambulance .they took me to the hospital to be blood tested because of the risk I was exposed HIV and hepatitis b and c.My tests results came out fine,but I had to repeat the testes every 3 weeks to be sure that I'm OK.I'm very very scared and I'm afraid for my health. I need to know If the store has to pay for my medical bills.

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Check to see if the store has a med pay policy of insurance. It's a no fault policy that will pay for some or all of your treatment expenses.


Wow. That is just horrific. I would think you might have a claim in negligence. You should have a lawyer look into this and make contact with the store. Most us lawyers will speak with you for free. Feel free to call me or another lawyer to analyze the situation. That must have been really scary and remains the case. Definite emotional distress but I am not certain the store would be found liable if someone else put it there, which appears to be the case. I am very sorry to hear this. How awful.


You can have a local personal injury lawyer investigate a claim


Unless the store has a "med pay" policy--a policy that pays a small amount for medical expenses without proof of fault or if they are just willing to do so because it's the right thing to do, they do not have to pay your bills unless you show some fault on their part. If they decide to pay your bills without a med pay policy be careful that they do not also ask you to sign a release that they are only responsible for some medical bills. I hope you are fine but if you test positive for some serious condition than paying your bills is certainly not enough. If they do not have a med pay policy that will pay the bills and would still allow you to make a claim if you have a serious injury then I recommend you have your own medical policy pay the bills or pay them on your own.
Some states do not allow a claim for fear of getting an illness. Pennsylvania for example used to allow a claims for example for fear of cancer in asbestos exposure cases or fear of AIDS in needle stick cases but those rules changed and now the claim is limited to the actual injury if it happens.
I suggest you retain a lawyer to give you advice and monitor your condition in the event something unfortunate does occur.

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