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I had a life threatening reaction to a medication that wasn't listed as a possible side effect, can I sue?

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I was prescribed a medication and after just one dose I got extremely sick and 6 days later I ended up in acute renal failure and put on emergency dialysis and remained on it for weeks. Renal failure was not listed as a possible side effect at the time and I was wondering if I can go after the company for pain and suffering (of which I suffered a lot) and not properly listing the side effects?

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More than likely, there are lawyers pursuing claims with respect to this particular drug, so Google defective "drug name" lawyer to find a list of attorneys handling these cases.


Possibly. Consult with a products liability lawyer that specializes in pharmaceuticals.


You need a doctor to connect the drug side effect with your injury. Consult with a local products liability attorney.

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It really depends on the medication and what the manufacturer knew about the possibility of a severe reaction such as yours. A manufacturer must have knowledge of the potential for the type of reaction, as there are many instances where an individual may have what is more like an allergic reaction than a known side effect so the issue becomes whether or not your reaction is rare enough for the manufacturer to have known about it and then have the obligation to warn the public. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me at

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The one theme of all of these posts is - it depends. Contact a personal I jury attorney that handles products liability and medical malpractice cases. You will need a doctor and other experts to back up your claims and give you causation.

Good luck


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This is a complicated issue which warrants investigation because of what happened to you. Our office provides free consultations for Personal Injury cases. I recommend you contact someone as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights.