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I had a felony indictment dismissed by a Common Pleas Court and the record sealed ...

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... do I have to pay for this ?
The court dismissed the charges on all of the other court proceedings and the charges for the community control sanctions.
The indictment was dismissed due to the Ohio Supreme Court's ruling in State v. Williams. (AWA)

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If it was out right dismissed you need to file to have the record sealed. Most courts do not charge a filing fee for a sealing of the record. Some courts still try to collect money in anyway they can and will try to charge a fee for the sealing of the record.

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There is generally a fee for expungement. In Hamilton County the clerk's office will charge a $50 fee for filing an application to seal a conviction record. Filing an application to seal a record of acquittal, dismissal, or No Bill is free. Most courts do not charge for expungement/sealing of dismissals.

Ohio citizens have the right under Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.52 to petition the court in which they were found "not guilty" to seal the records of the proceedings entirely. See link to

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It depends on the court. You should call an attorney and have him or her contact the Clerk of Courts for that jurisdiction. That attorney can help you get the record sealed and inform you of whatever fees are involved. My experience is that there is usually a fee involved when filing to seal a record.

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Certainly not.

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