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I had a domestic charge that was dropped to an assault as it was self defense-the phone cord was pulled out-? treatment-why

Seattle, WA |

the domestic violence assault charge was dropped as it was classified as self defense. The phone cord was pulled out of the phone and wall. Do I have to have treatment because they say it was interference with reporting domestic violence or 911. How can they do there some law I broke and can there be any extenuating circumstances.

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It sounds like your case has already been concluded as a result of some kind of plea negotiations. If so, you should have received paperwork that explains the obligations you are required to adhere to as part of the negotiation. Treatment is a very common condition in DV cases and should have been explained to you during the negotiations.

Sentencing issues are complex and this is not a good forum for that kind of discussion. You should sit down with a lawyer and review the obligations of your disposition to analyze your options. You may be able to change things or even undo the bargain under appropriate circumstances. Only a lawyer familiar with the case will be able to provide those answers.