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I had a Class C misdemeanor about 30 years ago. Paid a fine. Judge said it would show like a traffic ticket on my record.

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I had gone to a grand opening of a department store and had a lot of items in my hands and put a bottle of perfume in the corner of my purse so I wouldn't drop it and break it. When I went to check out I forgot about it. I got just outside the door and security guards attacked me like I was a criminal. I had the money and tried to tell them I had forgotten I had it in there and would they let me pay for it. They refused to even discuss the situation and treated me horribly. I was arrested. When I saw the judge in his office he only fined me the minimum amount when I explained the situation. He told me not to fight it or worry about it that it would show up on my record like a speeding ticket. I have applied for a new job and am worried it will show up. Will it?

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It sounds like you have a Class C misdemeanor conviction for theft on your record. A traffic ticket is a Class C misdemeanor, but this is for theft, so it's not exactly the same (i.e. if a job/college application asks "Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a traffic citation, you'd have to put YES).

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Yes it will show up and it will show up as a class C misdemeanor--which is the same category of offense. But as pointed out by Mr. Hamer, if a question asks if you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything other than a traffic offense, you will have to tell them, "yes."


This case can show up in a thorough background check, even if it is a Class C misdemeanor. I agree with the other lawyers that you need to read the applications for jobs very carefully, and answer truthfully if they ask if you have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense. And unfortuntely you have a conviciton since you chose to pay the fine and did not complete a deferred disposition.


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