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I had a case taken to the grand jury against me the prosecutors office was made aware that I wanted to testify but they did not

Cardington, OH |
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The prosecutor decides the witness list. Hire a lawyer for the necessary relief. Good luck.


The prosecutor does not need have to let you testify in a grand jury proceeding nor can I imagine an instance in which they would want to. The purpose of the grand jury is to make sure the government's case isn't total nonsense, not to establish guilt or innocence. Therefore, the government presents its evidence to the grand jury and the grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence against you to move forward with a charge. No defense is presented at this stage. If the grand jury does return an indictment charging you with a crime, hire a defense attorney immediately.

Answers provided by attorney Matt Williams to questions on Avvo DO NOT form an attorney client relationship. Mr. Williams is available to represent persons charged with crimes in Ohio for a fee. Only after Mr. Williams is retained, or agrees to discuss a matter privately, shall Mr. Williams be deemed your attorney. Mr. Williams answers questions on Avvo only to provide general advice based upon the limited information in the question.


Anyone being investigated by federal authorities, or indicted by federal authorities, should be working with retained or appointed counsel as soon as possible. The attorney can advise about the individual's rights and options, as the investigation proceeds, and also advise about limitations on those options (such as the unfortunate reality that prosecutors have broad discretion in conducting grand jury investigations). General information in a public discussion forum is not a substitute for confidential advice from an attorney familiar with the specific facts of the case.

The author provides answers on this site based on hypothetical questions and fact patterns. The answers provided are for general educational and informational purposes only, and they do not constitute legal advice, which would require a personal consultation and representation agreement. Questions and answers on this site do not create an attorney-client relationship, and the communications are not privileged. Any citizen with a legal issue should consult personally with an attorney and should rely only on legal advice provided in a formal attorney-client relationship.


They are in charge of getting probable cause without you. Without knowing the details, you are better off saving your testimony for the decision maker. Please work with your attorney.

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