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I had a car accident like 2 months ago and I was under the influence,me and the other passengers got minor injures

Sacramento, CA |

I wasn't arrested before I got out the hospital the highway patrol officer made sign a paper to show up at the sheriff office in 10 days I went like 3 time but nothing come out till I went the last time they told me that now I might have a warrant what can I do? wait till get arrested?

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I am not sure if your question pertains to a personal injury that you received or to the fact that you were driving under the influence.
Your best bet is to contact a criminal defense attorney, so that s/he can find out what is going on and straighten out the issues. Do not wait to get arrested.

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I agree with the previous answer that you should contact a criminal defense attorney that handles DUI cases to assist you.


You need to talk to an attorney who handles DWI/DUI matters - I will change the category of your question so that AVVO attorneys who practice in that area can see it.


You should post this in the criminal defense forum.


Do not wait to get arrested. You need to go down to the court house and ask for the matter to be set for a hearing. You should consult a criminal attorney and hire one if you can afford it. Otherwise - the court may appoint a public defender. You need to clear up the warrant - otherwise - some routine traffic stop could turn into a messy arrest and cost you a great deal more in time and money.

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