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I had a BK about 8 yrs ago and just received a class action settlement for $5k which went to the BK Trustee. Anything I can do?

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I filed in Missouri....I now live in California

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The issue is whether the cause of action which was resolved in the class action suit arose prior to your bankruptcy filing or after your bankruptcy filing (assuming you filed for chapter 7 relief). The analysis is a bit different for other chapters. If the cause of action arose prior to bankruptcy then it will belong to the trustee for the benefits of your creditors unless you can exempt it. If it arose after the bankruptcy filing date, then it does not belong to the trustee.

Talk to a bankruptcy attorney about it

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I presume that the bancruptcy action is closed? What, if anything, does the bancruptcy have to do with the class action? Write to the court (or call the clerk and ask...) and request your money. You'll know what to do when you receive their reply.

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When you file bankruptcy, all of your assets become part of the "Bankruptcy Estate." You can read about the "estate" in this post:

Basically, when you filed bankruptcy, any potential settlement you may have received from the class action lawsuit is part of the estate and therefore, goes to the trustee when received. Where you filed is only important for exemption purposes and therefore, you should contact the attorney that handled your filing to see if there was any possible way to exempt this settlement.

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Through your bankruptcy attorney, contact the court to obtain relief