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I had a baby by c-section in 08/08 and 4 weeks later I slipped and fell in a grocery store. What should I be compensated?

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I injured my head,neck,tailbone,back,& hand when I slipped in a store & a worker rushed 2 my aid & he stepped on my foot & caused me 2 fall again.I got up I was in so much pain & I felt really dizzy & had a instant headahce.I was suppose 2 go back work in Oct 08 haven't gone back yet.I made over $1,200 mth.I had to go to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week.My sessions stopped in April 09.My medical bills are almost $5,000 dollars.I have lumbosacral sprain/strain,thoracic sprain/strain,cervical sprain/strain,brachial neuritis/radiculitis.I suffer from neck & back pain.It is really hard for me to sit or stand for long periods of time & caring 4 my child is really diffitcult.I sum sensory lost 2 the right side of my body.I can't sleep well at night cause I'm in pain.What should b compensated?

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You may have a case. It would definitely be advisable to have a qualified attorney evaluate your situation in more detail. Our office handles matters like this. If you would like a free telephone consultation, feel free to contact us at (800)925-0723. Below is a link to a legal guide I have written about Slip and Fall accidents and premises liability claims in California.


It's impossible to give you a dollar amount for your injuries. However, it sounds like you may have a case. I'm licensed in Illinois, but the basics are the same. You have to prove that the grocery store was negligent (if they knew there was a spill and didn't clean it up, for example) and that their negligence caused your injuries. Then you need to prove damages, which would include the medical bills and lost income that you mention. Make sure you continue to get the medical treatment that you need, and contact a personal injury attorney in your area. If you'd like a referral, I know an experienced personal injury attorney near you. Feel free to contact me. 1-800-807-9530.


Whether you should be compensated at all is the threshold issue. You must first establish liability against the store. You did not specify what caused you to slip and fall. You must prove there was a dangerous condition and that the store either created the condition or had sufficient notice of the condition and did not correct it. These are difficult cases and trying to evaluate damages on the basis of the facts you provided is impossible.
You should see a lawyer right away and not attempt to deal with this yourself. Good luck.


You need to contact a CA personal injury attorney to advise if there is a viable claim against the grocery store.

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