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I had four spinal taps since 1990. The one performed 2009 went wrong. I have sciatica, arthritis and more. Do I need a lawyer

Tuscaloosa, AL |

I felt pain go down the side of my legs while a doctor had a needle in my spine. He attempted to collect spinal fluid. I let the doctor know how bad I hurt. I told him, stop at least 4 times before, he stopped. He caused me more pain, I had two punctures in my spine. I was admitted in the hospital with Spinal Meningitis. I complained about my legs pain, again.
They did an ultra sound test it Showed impingement of nerve. My leg pain is worse 2013. I can not work, now. My records show I have be in and out of the same hospital about my back, and legs since 1990.
Should the Dr stop when I tell him to? Can I sue him, since my leg pain keeps me from working?
Is it to late to sue, in Tuscaloosa, AL? My leg pain is from the spinal tap, is the Dr at fault?

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Statute is two years or, if not immediately discovered, within six months of the date the injury was or should ahve been discovered


I am not licensed in AL and you should contact a local attorney. However, there may be difficulties in proving that the doctor did anything that was a long term cause of your painful condition. This may be true because you have described nerve impingement of a spinal nerve that may be due to a disk condition or degenerative changes in your spine that predates the tap you have described. When a doctor is performing a spinal tap he is removing fluid in the space between the spinal cord and the vertebra. One of the risks of having that procedure, which sounds like it was necessary in your case, is nicking the lining of the cord (dura). That can be painful and may necessitate a patch like procedure but shouldn't involve the sciatic nerve root. Good luck and call a local attorney.


The information that attorneys give on this site is intended to be general information to help point individuals in the right direction and provide some general advice. The questions you have posed are very specific and and the short answer is it depends. With medical malpractice claims, it is often difficult to determine the viability of the claim without reviewing the medical records. With your potential claim, you may be out of time; however, I am only licensed in MO and KS, so I would suggest that you contact a medical malpractice attorney in your area.

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Sounds like you may have some statute of limitation problems as the others suggest. Medical malpractice cases in Alabama are extremely difficult to handle for a number of reasons. I would consult an attorney about this but do not expect that much can be done.

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