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I got ticket for disorderly conduct and I want to plead not guilty

Hoboken, NJ |

A car almost hit me and my friend while crossing the street. He was trying to turn right on red and almost hit us, so me and the driver exchanged a few words, nothing serious and the cop approached me and told me he was issuing me a ticket for disorderly conduct.

I think it's absurd and unfair that I received a ticket and I have to appear in court. What are my chances of winning this case? Will this show up on my record?

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Attorney answers 1


If represented by a skilled criminal defense attorney, it is quite possible that the matter may be dismissed. If in fact you plead guilty to this disorderly persons offense, it will appear on your record and you will have to wait at least 5 years to expunge it. It is possible that an attorney could resolve this matter with some kind of diversionary program that will not appear on your record.