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I got summoned to go to court for a doctor bil but i have no way to pay it cause im not workin, will i have to go to jail?

Charlottesville, VA |

I haven been able to work cause i have constant left leg pain n i been stayin at home with my 4 year old i live with my bf , but hes not able to help me pay my bills because he has too many of his own,im pretty sure i signed up for financial help from thehospital n i told the lawyer that called me i wasnt workin at the time n im still not able too im just worried ill have to go to jail

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Virginia does not have debtor's prisons nor can you be "locked up" for not paying a bill or judgment. If someone tells you he will have you locked up for not paying a bill, get all of his information and advise the court. A judge CAN put you in jail for not appearing for court or answering questions per a court appearance from valid interrogatories. He is a debt collector and normally gets paid a percentage of what money he gets paid from you. You can't pay the judgement, he does not get paid. He will browbeat you, threaten you, tell you that he will have you locked up, I have even heard they will have children taken away from you if you do not pay the debt. It is wrong to do this. Tell the court; you won't go to jail simply because you owe money. Good luck.

Carleton Penn III

Carleton Penn III


Please see earlier question I answered: IM NOT WORKING DONT HAVE ANY INCOME .CAN THEY DO THAT AND WHAT CAN I DO? I DONT EVEN HAVE MONEY TO PAY TO GET ANY KIND OF HELP,THEREFORE IF THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THIS INFORMATION IM SORRY TO HAVE INCONVIENCED YOU. MY QUESTION IS I HAVE TELEMARKETERS CALLING ME ABOUT A PAYDAY LOAN THEY ARE TELLING ME THEY HAVE ISSUED A ARREST WARRANT FOR ME These are bill collectors. What is the basis of their claim? Is it your payday loan? What are the terms? Have you committed fraud to obtain the loan? You cannot be arrested for a bad loan; if they come up with some BS charge, say NOTHING and ask for lawyer. Say nothing except " I want to talk to a lawyer". They will threaten, belittle, insult, get nasty, demeaning and tell you that you will get thrown in jail; You want a lawyer. They come to your house, you call the cops and tell them they are threatening you with arrest. It is called abuse of process. Say nothing and ask for a lawyer. The cops come with a warrant, be polite, RESPECTFUL, make NO statements and ask for a lawyer.Yes, sir; no, sir, no disrespect, sir... I want a lawyer, NOW. Do not talk yourself in to anything or a charge. If you get arrested, say nothing except " I would like to speak to a lawyer.". When they take you to court, ask for court appointed lawyer. You get charged and cannot afford it, ask for a lawyer....period.


I fully agree with the posted anwers. In addition, I strongly suggest that you comply with any appearances and tell the court that as soon as you have a stable income you will make every effort to begin payments on the money you owe.

This is my opinion and should not be construed as legal advise for your specific case as there are many more facts which you have not provided.

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