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I got pulled over for DUI on5/11/2007 in cheny wa. Never went to cort for it. What would be the outcome today?

Tacoma, WA |
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Are you sure you were actually charged with a crime? If you were actually charged with DUI and missed a court date back in 2007 then the court likely issued a bench warrant for your arrest. If a charge was filed, you can expect that it is still pending and that it will continue to be pending. Passage of time does not cause criminal charges to somehow get dropped.

If you were to go to court today to try to resolve this old pending charge the prosecutor would likely handle the case in the same way they would have back in 2007. You could be looking at jail time and all the usual penalties associated with a DUI.

On the other hand, if no charge was filed then there may be nothing for you to worry about. If you were stopped, cited, and charged with DUI you likely recieved a license suspension from the Department of Licensing. Also, it would be unusual that you could have been stopped by police in the mean time without being informed of an active warrant.

You could call the court to find out about the status of any warrants, or you could talk to a local DUI attorney. I recommend talking to an attorney if you want to look into this further and find out what you could do to clear this matter up.


It depends. If it was your first DUI, the mandatory minimum sentence is a day in jail and a $941 penalty. But that is normally the low end in cases like this if you merely go plead guilty. It could be much worse. Courts don't often look well upon such delay in going to court. That said, there is likely a warrant out for your arrest, so you shouldn't put this off much longer. Contact a local lawyer.


The outcome today depends on a variety of issues. One pertinent issue is whether you were ever charged a DUI from the incident on 5/11/2007. The statute of limitations in WA for a DUI is 2 years. This means that if DUI charges against you are filed after 2 years from 5/11/2007, the date of offense in your situation, your case will be dismissed with prejudice.

If charges were filed against you, and you never went to court for those charges, it is likely that Judge in your case issued a bench warrant for your arrest for failing to appear in court for your arraignment. If there was a warrant for your arrest at the time you were pulled over for the busted break light, the police officer would have taken you into custody. Thus, indicating to me it is possible that charges were never filed in your case. Your driver's license would have also been suspended administratively by the Department of Licensing for a period of time as well.

A DUI attorney can easily look up your record to see what charges, if any, were ever filed against you. I strongly advise you to consult with an attorney, because if charges were filed within the statute of limitations, the outcome of your case will depend on a variety of facts specific to you, such as your criminal history, prior alcohol related convictions, whether your attorney can suppress any evidence against you, etc.

Bottom line: meet with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Delaying the process in these situations can only go against you. Good luck!

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