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I got pulled over for driving with an expired license of a year. I have to go to court, what will most likely happen?

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My driver's license has been expired for a year and one month. I got pulled over because of it and now I have to go to court. I have never been pulled over by a cop or received a ticket before. I would renew my license but because Immigration will not renew my work permit for now I can not renew my driver's license either. What is most likely to happen at court? What should I say or do to make things better for me? Is there a chance I will go to jail? Please help.

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You really should speak with an attorney experienced with traffic matters.

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You should consult with a traffic attorney. Your immigration situation complicates matters and you don't want anything to change your status. Don't say anything to the State before speaking to an attorney. It's unlikely you will go to jail. Good luck.

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What you should do is not rely upon the government to provide an attorney for you, and hire one yourself to deal with this first degree misdemeanor.

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