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I got pulled over by a Rahway Police officer for having a fake inspection sticker.

Rahway, NJ |

I told the officer i gave my car to a mechanic and he told me he does inspections for 70$, i lost contact with the guy since january 2012, i got 7 tickets, Fail to poss driv reg, i lost my registration buy i got a new one. i got Vehicle is unsafe condition, affixing approval sticker without reinspection. Failure to conform to motor vehicle inspection law. refusal to inspect.
failure to have inspection. and fraudulently obtains or displays cert. of approval. This is my first time getting pulled over since i got my license 7 years ago, i didnt know my sticker was fake, Im a hard working kid 50hrs a week, i never was in trouble with the law, and now this. Can anyone tell me what will be the fines for this and how can i fight this off, please i dont have a lot of money, cop was so mean.

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Rahway is part of a county wide task force to combat ficticious inspections and many cases like this arrise in that Court. You are facing fines in the thousands of dolars for those 7 tickets and the potential of a lengthy suspension of your driving privileges. The first thing you need to do is get a proper inspection. The prosecutor will Look up the inspection status on the computer in his office before resolving your case. You would be well advised to retain counsel to negotiate the matter with the prosecutor. Itis possible for counsel to obtain a plea bargain that will eliminate many of the charges and avoid a suspension. Call my office if you have any further questions.

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I agree with Mr. Abate. Get an attorney. Rahway has a reasonable but very knowledgeable prosecutor. Rich will buy a corroborated story presented properly by an experienced attorney. I suggest strongly that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is possible to get this resolved with document charges only and avoid suspension and the fraudulent sticker charge. Call with more information.


You are in a world of hurt. As one of my collegues noted you are looking at thousands in fine and insurance penalties. You need representation ASAP.