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I got pregnant with an IUD (paragard)

Fort Worth, TX |

got the paragard put in by the same nurse. While she was putting it in, she kept going back and forth between me and the directions for the paragard. 2 years after having the paragard, I referred my sister to my dr to get the iud. The same nurse put hers in. a week or so later my sister had bleeding and went back and the dr told her it was put in wrong. He took it out and put another one in. Three years later I got pregnant, went back to the same nurse practitioner (I havent seen my dr in years), she took me over to another dr to do a sonogram (same dr my sister saw). He looked and said that is wierd, then told her to take the IUD out. After that I started going to another dr in the same building. They looked up my notes and it had nothing there about the sonogram/ nor the IUD removal

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With the recent new developments in birth control, there are new issues coming up surrounding the IUDs. Some states will allow this as a cause of action, others will not. Consult a personal injury attorney in your state to determine whether you have a cause of action. In those states where there is no cause of action, it is due to the fact that those states do not recognize a live healthy birth of a child to be a "damage". Even though you will have to pay for the child and the child birth and such, you will also reap the benefits of having a child. If that child has medical issues or mental issues, and they can be attributed to the IUD, then you may have a suit. Good luck. I know this is likely not the information you wanted, I wish you all the best.

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