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I got my second speeding ticket today after using my deferral only 5 months ago. What are some of my options here?

Mill Creek, WA |

I was going 47 in a 35 MPH zone and my ticket is $154. I realize that I wasn't supposed to get another ticket within a year's time frame or I will get penalized for both... In my 5 years of driving, this is my 2nd ticket.. does that work in my favor at all? I appreciate any help! Thank you.

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Please hire a traffic infraction attorney who could review your case. There are options available to you that you may not be aware of. If you would like my assistance, please contact me since I handle traffic infractions.

The information on this website is not intended to be legal advice.


This is why I don't recommend using a deferred finding unless there are no other options. At this point you are "all in" to use a poker term. Prosecutors typically do not negotiate when you are on a deferred finding. You can pay the ticket and have both appear on your insurance and driving record or contest the ticket and try to keep them both off. Do not do this yourself. Hire a ticket lawyer that knows all of the tricks of the trade.


Most prosecutors will not negotiate on a ticket when there is a deferred finding pending. Your best bet may be to try and contest the current ticket in order to save your deferred. I would hire an experienced attorney that deals with traffic infractions who may be able to help you.


A good attorney will be familiar with the court holding your contested hearing and should be able to give you some general advice such as whether or not a prosecutor will be present.

Your overall clean driving record could potentially benefit you, depending on where you received your two tickets. The best option would be to have the new ticket dismissed to prevent it from affecting your old ticket. However, there are other options available that can prevent you from having one or both tickets on your record.

I have used at least two other methods to prevent tickets from hitting my clients driving record in similar situations. If you want to know more, give me a call at (206)724-2436 for a free consultation and I will share at least one of my methods with you.