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I got my first DUI 2.5 years ago. Got 2nd one last week. Possible outcome?

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I got ard for my first DUI and finished it with no problems. Last week I drank and then wrecked my car, no other cars or anything Involved. Cop pulled me over because my tire was flat and I tried to drive it home. My BAC should have been low because I did not have a large amount to drink but they took me in and took my blood. They video taped me and I admitted to smoking pot as well. They also found a pot smoking bowl in my car. What should I do? What are the possible consequences?

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First, make sure you talk with a DUI attorney because unlike your first, the consequences could be harsher for this one. You will not be eligible for ARD since you just received it. This should be considered as a 2nd offense since your prior was within 10 years. Depending on what your BAC is you could be looking at a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail and an 18 month license suspension. If your BAC is as low as
you say it is then you would be looking at 5 days in jail and a 1 year
license suspension. The best thing to do now is to talk with an attorney because you may have defenses and depending on the County where this occurred there may be ways to avoid jail time.


Having the marijuana in your system would automatically make that a third teir DUI, regardless of your BAC. This would entail a mandatory minimum of 30 days in jail, because it is a 3rd teir and second offense. You need to sit down with an attorney because the charges are serious.

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