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I got my car taken away and a ticket, What can I say in court? Does it affect me being able to get a license?

Pomona, CA |

I was driving from a friends house and forgot to turn my lights on all the way. I got stopped for not having the lights on but ended up getting the car taken away and a ticket because I have no license. What can I do or say in court so that this wont effect me getting a license? I turn 18 in a month, does this make me ineligible to get my license? Please respond. Thank you very much.

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Well a lot depends on why you don't have a license to begin with. Why were you driving without a license and whose car was it? You need to set the matter for trial and hire competent traffic defense counsel and say nothing in court. Anything you say will most likely help the court find you guilty. Provided you take care of this citation either by trial or a plea, it won't make you permanently ineligible for a license, but it may delay it for a while. More detailed information is required to adequately answer your questions.