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I got married to US citizen, how do I start legalizing my situation?

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Hi, I just got married to a US citizen. I am 18 years old, I came in the US when I was 14 years old under a tourist visa for family reasons, and had no choice but to overstay. Now I met someone, got married, and he would like me to get started with the paperwork? I really do not know anything about this stuff, what do I need to do? The only thing I have learned from doing some research on my own is that I need to file I-130, do I need to file I-485 along with it? If so, what are the proofs that I would need to sumit to show that we entered into marriage because of love and not to avoid legal immigration procedures? We never lived together before marriage, so we do not own anything together. Would affidavits and possibly pictures be enough proof or would I require more?

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Approval of a marriage based petition is at the discretion of the government. It is highly recommended you hire an attorney to aid you in this process. For a free consultation feel free to contact me.
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Generally affidavits are sufficient along with the photos at the filing. For the interview you should bring more. You would file the I-485 along with the I-130.

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