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I got let go and verbally offered a severance, but didn't receive it, what should I do?

Fairfax, VA |

My boss called me in for a meeting saying they no longer had a place for me at the job and that he would give me a month severance to find another job. I filed unemployment and told them this, but when the state spoke with my employer they denied the month worth of severance.
I found it odd because he said it repeatedly to me in the meeting. I figured it was a miscommunication between my old job and the unemployment office. Well it's now a month and a half later and I still have not received my severance pay, what should I do? I have not contacted my old employer since the day I was let go and wonder if I should? Is there any advisable action to take? By the way, none of this is in writing, not the termination nor the severance.

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Your best bet is to politely contact your employer to find the status of the promised payment. Under the law you are not entitled to a severance. In order for a severance agreement to be binding, it must be supported by legal "consideration", which generally means a bargained for exchange. Most enforceable severance agreements make receipt of the payment dependent on your giving up any rights you have to sue the employer.

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