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I got into a fight with the man next door he punched me in the face and after hit me with a metal bar and after i hit him

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Who can be charged

Why would i need an attorny i punch in selfdeffence after being hit with a metal bar

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Mutual combat is a defense to a battery charge, so that theory could come intp play. But if one party uses excessive force, that person can get charged. Sounds like your neighbor's conduct was excessive when he used theetal bar.


The facts are too ambiguous to provide any meaningful answer. Do not speak to anyone without your attorney present. If you don't have an attorney then now is the time to get one. Getting an attorney after you speak to the police doesn't help as much as having one before hand. Good luck.
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I agree heartily with Mr. Ceynar. I would add that you should keep in mind-- there's a world of difference between potentially having a defense to a charge and not getting charged in the first place. Depending on the facts, you may have a perfectly defensible case. That may not be a ton of comfort to you if you're arrested an held in the jail while you try to clear your name. For those reasons, get a lawyer now, not later.

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If you get charged with an asault, you will absolutely need an attorney to assert your self-defense defense. You should consult with a local criminal defense attorney and discuss the situation in detail. It won't cost you anything and might help you decide how to proceed.


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It all depends on alot of factors you don't discuss. Based on the way you describe it, you sound like you have a better case than he does, but often times in the fog of a fight both people get charged, and sometimes no one gets charged. It depends on who started the fight, how much force was used, whether there were witnesses and whether the parties want to press charges. If police did not see the fight then it is up the citizen to make a decision to place the person under a citizens arrest. Police will make the arrest but you would have to decide what you want to do. If you have any further questions feel free to call.

Brian Michaels

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