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I got into a fight downtown mils , MN i was super drunk when i woke up i was being charged with spiting on a peace officer

Minneapolis, MN |

the video show nothing of that and i still was charged with a felony in now on probation for years which is UN fair they want me to do like 12 things which is also unfair i was called a drunk by the judge and that was rude to me i really want to reopen my case i lost my job and housing do this matter what should i do my attorney told me to dammit to not remember to spiting on the peace officer and it will be drop to a gross mite but that was a lie they judge still gave me a felony

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You are all over the place. The court did not "give" you a felony. You had to either agree to it or were found guilty of it at trial. Spitting on a police officer was not only "rude", it was a felony. Calling you a drunk, by your own admission, was neither.


Not sure what you question is, but there is a possibility that your conviction will be dropped to a gross misdemeanor after your probation is complete.....obviously, depends on what was said at sentencing.


Your question is unclear. However, generally speaking, if you entered a plea, withdrawing that plea may be very difficult after sentencing. If you were convicted after a trial, your remedy is an appeal.

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