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I got into a car accident/fault on me/liability insurance

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I got into an accident. my policy limit is 15,000 dollars which I think is not enough for the third party and the passenger. I am just a student with low income and low bank account. (without car or house right now)
1. How can I know that the other driver has underinsured motorist protection?
2. In what ways can I press my insurance company to do everything to resolve the claims against me?
3. If the other driver sue me and I don't have enough money to pay him, what will happen?
4. How can I know in advance that he will sue against me or my insurance?
5. If I cannot afford an attorney, but need one, what can I do to?

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The insurance company will provide you with a lawyer to defend the case. They will do everything in their power to minimize the payout.

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but it is an questionare that the attorney would be on my side.


Your policy limit is probably the state minimum of $15,000 per person and $30,000 total. So if there are two claimants, each has a $15,000 policy limit. Assuming the injuries of the victims are each worth more than $15,000 your insurance company will offer each $15,000 for a complete release of you. If the victims decline, they will be forced to go to trial to get a judgment. If either got a judgmen against you for more than $15,000, then basically the insurance company would pay them the $15,000 and there would be judgment against you for the rest.

BUT trials are expensive and assuming that punitive damages were not assessed against you for being drunk or terrible behavior, you could probably dump the judgment in bankruptcy.

Therefore, as a general, PI attorneys recommend that their client take policy limits settlements if the policy limits are substantial compared to the defendant's assets.


Your insurance company will provide you with an attorney to defend your case.

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