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I got insurance for the vehicle that i am driving, colonial county is the insurer. when i bought the insurance from colonial

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they asked me to provide all type of info like who were the former insurers of the vehicle they were insuring, i provided the declaration pages. After a few months of being with them they notified about their dissatisfactions with the declaration pages due to the fact that on the former insurances i was not listed. I explained to them that I wasn't in the former declaration pages b/c there was only one car in my family and I never drove it b/c my mom used it all the time. So my mom did not find it necessary to pay extra w/ her former insurance. now they are debating on either kicking me out or increasing my premium, is that correct, i feel like i am being unfairly discriminated for a situation i had no control over. isn't there some statute that protect consumers from these situations.

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The insurance company is not obligated to do business with you. Chances are you purchased a 6 month policy. At the end of that time, they can raise the rate or do whatever they want. If they are not satisfied with your explanation, I suggest finding a new carrier before the end of your policy.


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Yea, I notice and in all three questionsincluding this one you weren't able to give any advice.


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Best of luck getting some fresh new replies-maybe more insight into your situation!

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