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I got emergency custody order today and went to pick up children. I cannot locate where she is staying. How do I get them back?

Lake Station, IN |

She took them when we were having a scheduled visitation. She just got out of drug/alcohol rehab and is in a shelter. She didn't take them to school, and my son missed 2 doses of Aderall and by tomorrow he could go through withdrawal from not taking it. Police escorted me to shelter to pick them up and they said she wasn't there. Her family told me that is where she was staying. They then said she wasn't back yet, doors close at 9pm. Can they lie and tell me she isn't there? Can they call and warn her that I am there? Can she be arrested for not following a court order and child endangerment?

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You should follow up with the police department. It is a crime to interfere with a custody order.

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