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I got charged with receiving stolen property. I didnt know it was stolen.

Truckee, CA |

problem is the guy i bought it from was a mexican who looked normal and asked me in a parking lot if i wanted to buy the item i said sure it seemed ok reasonably low price but not extremely. But i dont have his contact info and dont really remember any info on him. So will i be ok if i honestly didnt know it was stolen just thought it was for good deal cause he said he was moving

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It is one thing to charge you, it is another thing to convict. To convict, it is the prosecutions burden to prove that you received stolen property "knowingly". They must prove it by evidence that you knew, or by the circumstances, demonstrating, beyond reasonable doubt, that you must have known. Your defense is to refute their claim and the facts that you presented could very well be persuasive. If the jury is persuaded, then the truth will set you free.


Post # 5 about snowmobile theft?

You are trying hard here to get a lawyer to tell you that everything will be fine, you have no problem, go and enjoy your day without a care in the world. That isn't going to happen. (If it does, beware.)

No attorney here knows what evidence the police and prosecutor have. Nor do you know. Quit giving out info on this site that can only hurt your case. You are locking yourself in unnecessarily.

Either hire an attorney who will make a careful and reliable assessment of the real facts of your matter and advise you as to your situation and your options. Or ask for the public defender. Causing someone here to say that everything looks good isn't worth squat and definitely isn't worth the risk of all of the statements you are making about your case.

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Douglas Holbrook

Douglas Holbrook


Christine, nice job in how you handled that.


You need to hire an attorney and explain the situation to him or her. You can't give out enough information publicly to get a good evaluation. You should not give any more facts in a public forum, as DAs and cops can get access to it. The DA needs to prove that you knew it was stolen. Go hire an attorney immediately and talk to him or her about everything. They can get an investigator our to look for surveillance, possible witnesses, etc. Good luck!

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