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I got charged with grand theft the price was over $300 it was on school grounds with a friend but what i took was no where near

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up to $300 i took a couple of braclets some perfume and and 4 dollars that i found we did it in the girls locker room after school my friend took 2 iphones and about 7 or8 iphone cases also with a wallet and a couple of other minor things buit what i dont understand is why we are both getting charged with grand theft if they found all the items in her possession that were clearly what she took because she admitted to it we are both juvenilles .

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You are being charged with the aggregiate total of all items taken because the state is operating under the theory that you both worked in conjunction with each other. It is very possible to get this type of charge reduced and if you've never been in trouble before you will likely be eligible for a juvenile diversion program.
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I agree with Ms. Glenn. Remember, sometimes you can beat the wrap, but not the ride. Just because there is probable cause to arrest you may or may not mean it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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If the two of you were acting in concert (together for the same purpose), the state can charge you as codefendants making each responsible for the total value of the items taken. If you have never been in trouble before, you both may be eligible for a pretrial diversion program. A program will allow you to have your charges dismissed and your record clean. Speak to an attorney as soon as possible to evaluate your eligibility.

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