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I got charged with driving with a suspended license in Brooklyn in 1996 and a 1000 fine and sentence ed to 5 year probation

Brooklyn, NY |

when the court day came the asked if i had the1000 dollars and i told him i wasn't working yet so the judge gave me 30 days to come back and he told me if i don't come back with the money that i will do time so when the time came i didn't have the money so i didn't go back to the courts or probation i was scared i never got i trouble before and this was new to me and its been 15years sins went 1 time to probation and never went back when i go back to the courts know will i serve any time or will they just reinstate the probation again ?

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Well, it's hard to answer because you say you were charged with a suspended license but were sentenced to a fine and 5 years probation. The five year probation tells me you were convicted of a felony,so I am thinking you may not know what you were sentenced or even convicted of. I think you need to hire an attorney immediately to find out 1) what were you convicted of; 2) Did they file a Vop (violation of probation) and were any bailjumping charges filed on you. Generally, you would face jail time when you fail to follow through on probation. Are you aware of a warrant for your arrest at this time or have you got lost in thr system. An attorney can sort out those issues for you so you can achieve the best outcome and put this behind you. Good luck to you!


You should retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer, as soon as possible. Your lawyer can probably arrange for you to go to court, and know what to expect when you get there. On the other hand, if you wait to get picked up someday, you will definitely have a harder time dealing with the situation.


I suggest you immediately consult with a local criminal defense lawyer who can assist you in determining what really occurred back in 1996 and assist you in resolving the matter.