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I got charged with 3 felonies that had to do with selling marijuana. PWIMD, maintain a dwelling, and felony possession.

Greenville, NC |

Will I go to jail? Its my first offense, i attend college, get good grades in college, and hold a job. I really hope its just probation and community service and drug classes but what are the chances that I will be locked up and for how long if so?

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You need to hire an attorney. A good attorney may be able to negotiate a plea to a conditional discharge or a 90-96. You will most likely be subject to probation, drug classes, and community service. Call Matt davenport and tell him I said hello.


The first thing you need to do is try and seek private counsel. I also agree with Mr. McGee that Matt Davenport is the absolute top choice if you are able to. If you find that you are not able to retain counsel, be sure to request the court to appoint you counsel. Whatever the case, tell the attorney that you would very much like to try and enter into a 90-96 deferred prosecution. It will require you to be on probation, complete community service, pay off fines and fees, possibly complete TASC or an assessment of some kind. It will take some work but very much worth it in the end since if you successfully complete it the charges are dismissed. Good luck!

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If it is your first offense, hire the best attorney you can afford. If your attorney can get the DA to dismiss PWIMSD and Maintaining, you can get a 90-96 and the entire case will be dismissed.

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