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I got caught with less than half a gram of weed, first offender, cant afford attorney , HELP ME

Dallas, GA |

me an my friends took a trip. we were in Georgia we got pulled over for speeding . I was in the backseat . the cop came to the window and asked who's been smoking . he made him step out and he searched him. then he came back and searched me and my other friend who was in the passenger seat. he found about a .2 of weed that were in my pocket but didnt know was there. the driver claimed it but he took us all to jail after he found about a gram under the passenger seat and charged my friend for it and i got stuck with possession under an ounce. This is my first time and i have no idea what to do. do i plead not guilty ? is it gonna stick

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Go to court and ask for a public defender. If you don't qualify, request diversion or pre-trial intervention. Also, don't tell the prosecutor you didn't know there was marijuana in your pocket-that wont help. Good luck.



the cop also threatned to taser me when i tried to tell him it wasnt mine



what do i plead


If you cannot afford an attorney, you will be appointed a public defender. If you live out of state, make sure the conditions of your bond allow you to travel outside of GA. Do not discuss your case online or with any family member or friend and especially avoid discussing it with anyone who was in the car. It is possible that there could be a legal conflict between the friends who were also charged.


Whether you get caught with a gram of marijuana or an ounce of marijuana you need a lawyer when you go to court. Since you cannot afford one, apply for a public defender.


If you can not afford and attorney, ask for a public defender but you need a lawyer.

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If you can afford the Internet and/or a device to access it, you can afford a lawyer of your choosing instead of gambling with a public defender.

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As the other lawyers have suggested, you should apply for a public defender. You should definitely get a lawyer. Many criminal lawyers will take payments, especially if you can pay your retainer before your court date, which might be several months down the road.

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