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I got caught stealing at walmart in the amount of eighteen dollars the cops were not called nor was i sited a ticket.

Pasadena, TX |

they just told me i would recieve a letter in the mail having to pay walmart a fine or restutuion like 5 times the amout of stuff and if i did not pay they would take civil action if i do not pay this amount to walmart will they be able to get the police involved and will it be on my record?? thanks for you help.

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The civil demand letter is separate from a criminal offense. If they did not give you a ticket nor call the police & release you to your parents (if you are underage), then you are not being prosecuted criminally and it will not go on your record.

If you do not pay the demand, they have the OPTION of suing you. Many people do not pay, or pay a fraction and write "in full payment" on the check. I cannot tell you what to do but I can tell you that if you do not pay, you will not get a criminal case because of the non payment.


Well, it sounds like you were really lucky. They do have the option to sue you, but they have to prove damages pursuant to the statute and most of the time they (their legal department) understand that it is too costly to sue someone who apparently has no money anyway. If you received a tresspass warning, do not go back or you can be arrested for criminal trespass and taken to the county jail.


If the police were not called then you have not been charged with theft at this time. If you receive a demand letter and don't pay it then Walmart can choose to sue you