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I got caught for possession of marijuana way less than 2 oz how will this effect my financial aid i am a full time student

El Paso, TX |

A few friends and I were at a park and a cop pulled us over because apparently you can not be out past 11, but we were all above the age of 18 and he searched us and it was in my purse. I can not afford to lose my financial aid what can i do?

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Rules associated with eligibility for financial aid are entirely separate from criminal law, but Federal guidelines generally require that any student convicted of a drug offense will be prohibited from eligibility (check with FAFSA). That said, however, under the facts you provided, you probably received a "Class C" Misdemeanor citation. Every jurisdiction is different, but if you have a clean record, these are typically disposed of through "deferred disposition", which is NOT a conviction. Terms are usually 90 - 180 days with no new offense along with Court fees. Contact an attorney who is familiar with your municipal court.