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I got busted for felony evading and eluding the cops on a motorcycle

West Covina, CA |

I got busted for felonny evading and eluding the police here Cali and this is my first offense just want to know how if gonna be sent to prison for this offense. I

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Nobody here can answer your question. All any attorney here can say with certainty about your case is that your chances of not going to prison go up significantly with an attorney representing you. Any criminal charge, but especially a felony, is a serious matter that requires an attorney. You should meet with a few and choose the one you feel most comfortable wtih. Ideally you should look at attorneys with experience in the court your case is being handled in. If you cannot afford a private attorney the court will appoint you a public defender. If you would like a free consultation of your case feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone.

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Mandatory 180 days in county jail, but this depends on which Penal Code or Vehicle Code you are being charged with. A lot can be done, but there isn't enough information here to tell you.

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Its possible. You need an attorney. I would argue that assuming your were pleading guilty - that evading on a motorcycle is significantly less dangerous that evading in a car. The person most likely to get hurt during a motorcycle evading is the evader on the motorcycle.

Then I would argue that 2800.2 is a wobbler - meaning it could be a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Most DA's charge it as a felony are are very unlikely to go down - it is rare. My point is that I would argue for the misdemeanor until I was blue in the face.

Then the judge may compromise and give you a local or potentially a misdemeanor.

Every case is fact specific and it is really hard to say for sure - but I think youre safe from prison if you have not been in trouble before.

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