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I got burn, do I have the right to a refund from the manufacture for the product &shipping?Do they have to pay for all expense .

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I used a home hair removal laser and it burned me. It should have locked and not been able to trigger if my skin was too dark for safe use. The mechanism failed. I called and they said to return it to the supplier, but it is past the suppliers returns policy. They even said they only will cover medicine or treatment a doctor precises. Also, the lady kept saying it was my fault on the phone but i never said it was. I told her for my safety I avoid the sun for 2 months prior to use to not get sunburns. Im so pissed she said it was my fault, because I had sun burns 2 months ago.I waited 2 months and my skin was back to normal before use.
I bought aloe vera, aveeno oatmeal bath, Calamine lotion, and allergy medicine with sedation, dr. appointment fee and a prescribed drug to prevent infection

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I hope you took some photos so you can bring them to a local defective product lawyer's office to investigate.


The "right" to a refund depends on the return policy stated by the selling entity. Even if you are beyond the stated time period, you can ask for the refund based upon the fact that the product caused you injury during proper usage. Before you accept a refund and sign any release or agreement, you should think about whether your interests are better served by filing suit. Product cases can be time consuming and costly, so look online to see if you can find any history of claims similar to yours.

If you wish to pursue a product claim for injuries or you think that there are a lot of people out there that have gone through what you have (a class), you should contact a lawyer for a consultation.

This is not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such. No attorney-client relationship exists between the reader and the writer. As with almost all legal matters, you should consult a lawyer before deciding to take action or deciding to refrain from action.


Don't return the hair removal laser to the manufacturer. How will you be able to prove that it is defective? You won't have the product. The best way to handle this situation, in my opinion, is to get a lawyer. Your hair removal laser has to be examined by an expert who will say whether or not he feels it is defective. You say it should have locked and not trigger. This safety device may have failed. HOLD ONTO THE LASER. Do not give it up. I'm sorry the lady on the phone kept on saying it was your fault. Perhaps this is a scare tactic to keep you from following through. I did represent a doctor who had a client with dark skin and wanted laser treatment to smooth the skin, take away wrinkles, help disappear sun spots, etc. The device the doctor used had different options depending on the color of the skin. She used the wrong option and the patient's skin was marked. It sounds like this laser also has a trigger to stop when the skin is too dark and it didn't kick in.

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