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I got a traffic violation ticket for the first time. I was upset and I have no idea what I can do. Please advise.

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I got a traffic violation ticket on highway in VA on September 8, 2013 . I have PA drivers license and currently living in Memphis, TN. This happened when I was heading to Memphis, TN from Philadelphia, PA for the relocation. The ticket describes my violation as reckless driving by speed 83/70. It says "You are summoned to appear in the county of Botetourt general district court (Traffic) on October 23, 2013, at 9 am. The officer advised me to come to the court. However the violation ticket mentions I may avoid coming to the court. In addition, it also says "only call 540.473.8244 if more help is needed.

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You could always hire a lawyer to appear and fight the ticket for you.

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You should contact a traffic attorney in that county. Some courts will let your lawyer appear for you. I would not just pay guilty until you know what the ramifications are. Good luck


Since this is something that happened in VA, you may want to re-post this under the Speeding Ticket Section in VA. As Attorney Klein & Attorney Solis suggested, you should consult with an Attorney licensed to practice in VA to learn what options you have.

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You can fight the ticket or plead guilty. If you fight the ticket you will need to appear to present your case. If you plead guilty it will affect your driving record.

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This ticket can have serious ramifications for your PA license, including a potential 6 month suspension. (In PA, Reckless driving convictions leads to a 6 month suspension of your driving privileges. It is my belief that PennDOT will issue a suspension (even though it might not be appropriate) if and when they find out about an out of state Reckless driving conviction. If you have moved permanently to Memphis, then you probably should apply for a Tennessee license well prior to the court date. I would highly recommend fighting the ticket and hiring a lawyer in VA to help you.