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I got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign, but they wrote the wrong intersection, dismissible?

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I got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign. I know that I stopped, but don't know for how long. Apparently they like to sit at that sign as another cop pulled over another car right behind me. The officer writing my ticket wrote down the offense took place at a different location 1.2 miles away. I got pulled over at 3rd and steele and he said 3rd and Fairfax on the ticket, fairfax is the street I live on. There is a stop sign at 3rd and fairfax. Is this something I could fight in court or is it useless?

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If you have an independent witness or other independent proof that you were not at the approximate location, at the approximate time, of the alleged offense written on the ticket, you might have an issue to argue. However, in most instances the court will allow the governmnet to amend anything on the ticket even during trial. Usually you would allow the government to put on their case. After they "rest", having put on all of the evidence they care to present, then you would produce your evidence that you were not at the location at the time alleged. Unfortunately, there is only a small probability you would prevail on these facts.


Contrary to popular belief, errors on tickets/summons do not require an automtica dismissal of the charges. Mr. Pirosko is absolutely correct in his legal analysis of the issue.

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