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I got a ticket for having a cover over my license plate. Violation of Florida statute 316.605(1). Can I get this dismissed?

Land O Lakes, FL |

I've been pulled over several times in the ten years this cover has been on the truck. No one has ever said anything about it. The covers package even shows a license plate. They are sold at auto parts stores. The cover is slightly tinted. Looks good on a black vehicle. The entire tag is visible from 100'. None of its blocked. Tag is white with black letters. Its NOT hard to see them. Recently my sunpass quit working but the cameras could read it. Sunpass said it was caught on camera and they applied the charges to my acct. How does this warrant a $114 fine when I was never told it couldn't be there. Its NOT like its printed on the registration . Not on the test either. When the officer told me it was illegal, I said I didn't know, I will remove it. Then he comes back with a $114 ticket.

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The Statute you have been cited under states the following:

"...all letters, numerals, printing, writing, and other identification marks upon the plates regarding the word “Florida,” the registration decal, and the alphanumeric designation shall be clear and distinct and free from defacement, mutilation, grease, and other obscuring matter, so that they will be plainly visible and legible at all times 100 feet from the rear or front."

If you can show that all of these requirements were met even with the cover then you should be able to have the case dismissed. Either way it is probably worth fighting as the officer may not show up and then it will be dismissed anyway.


I would contest the ticket if you meet the requirement for Florida license plate visibility

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