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I got a ticket for going 29 over (84 in a 55 mph zone) on I-285, before the I-85 exit.

Doraville, GA |

I had no idea the speed limit, and might I ad that it was about 8:30 am on Easter Sunday, and the interstate was empty. I felt that I was going with the flow of traffic, but I was driving in the far left lane. I know 29mph over the speed limit sounds like alot. But when you put it in persepective, it wasn't on a two lane road, or in a school zone.. i was on the interstate going 84 mph.

I have no idea where to begin!! I cannot afford a $400 ticket, for my insurance to increase, or for so many points to be placed on my record. I've only had one other speeding ticket and that was almost 3 years ago and I just paid it out right & my insurance did not increase

How much would you expect an increase for my car insurance? Do I have a chance trying to decrease ANYTHING with this ticket?

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In many jurisdictions there are traffic attorneys that specialize in the field, handle high volume of cases, and consequently can charge extremely low fees. You may be able to find a professional who can help you. Speeding ticket cases are difficult, but not impossible to win. You should not rule out that you can win the case outright, or may be able to mitigate the penalties. I think it will be difficult on your own however. Good luck.

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