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I got a ticket for doing 89 on a 65 zone on the I87 in ulster county, what's my best and worst outcome if I fight the ticket?

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I had a radar detector that went off waaaay too late b ut the cop did say that I slowed down quickly. He wrote that he observed me speeding and then got me on a lazer. All of my details were entered correctly. Also, I'm a canadian with an ontario driver's license and ontario plates (I know that points do transfer between NY and ontario)

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The worst case scenario is six points on your license. It will result in a fine and a $300 Driver Assessment Fee. The best case scenario is a reduction to a non-point bearing offense. Realistically, generally, an attorney lije myself can reduce it to a non-speed violation.



How much do you charge?

Terri Beth Kalker

Terri Beth Kalker


Our fees are reasonable. You can call my office later for a free consultation where we can discuss among other things, fees. 718-793-1900


Because a NY conviction will transfer onto your Ontario license as demerit points, I recommend that you plead not guilty. If you do, you or your NY traffic lawyer most likely can negotiate this 6-point ticket (4 Ontario demerit points) down to a less serious saving you points as well as the $300 Driver Assessment Fee (and possibly avoid your auto insurance rates going up). When hiring a traffic lawyer make sure that he or she is familiar with the Ontario demerit system as it is very possible for you to end up with 0 demerit points.

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Worst case scenario is that you're convicted of this offense and you get points on your license, a heavy fine as well as a drivers assessment fee. Best case scenario is that you and/or your lawyer can negotiate this down to a less serious offense (maybe even a non moving violation).


Worst is you are found guilty, get 6 points and the fine and surcharge of approximately $300 and the NYS Driver Responsibility Fee of $300. Best--you beat by using an attorney!

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I am a criminal defense attorney practicing in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City. The above information is not a substitution for a meeting whereas all potential legal issues can be discussed.


If you retain an office like mine you will not have to come back to the United States to fight the ticket we deal with you through e-mail and phone and go to court for you, plus we give a money back guarantee. We'll knock the points down for you or you get your money back you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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