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I got a ticket driving on suspended license which im already on probation for. how do my probation officer know i have a ticket

Detroit, MI |
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Any probation officer will ask, or have a form that asks, if you have had any contact with police since your last reporting date. If you say no, and the probation officer then learns about the DWLS charge, then you are in bigger trouble than if you had simply told her to begin with. A charge of DWLS will not show up on a driving record unless you get convicted of something out of the incident, and then what will show is the specific charge that you were convicted of. However, a criminal history record will show any arrest, whether there was a conviction or not. If you were not arrested, there may not be any record until a conviction occurs, if any, but you violate your probation simply by not making a truthful report. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford

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Your Probation Officer may routinely check your driving record, which will likely reveal that you got another DWLS ticket while you were on probation. If you get "show caused" for violating your probation, I would kindly but very strongly recommend you hire a lawyer to defend you. Good luck! Warmest regards, Matt Catchick.


she will find out sooner or later she will find out and if she finds out later it'll be much worse for you. most probation officers do background checks on their probationers and most definitely will do one at the end of probation.