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I got a suspension letter but the Secretary of State office doesnt have the suspension on file so they cant process my baiid app

Island Lake, IL |

February 23rd I got a DUI and was given the paper work for the summary suspension in court 11 days before the suspension was active, which was the end of March. But the Secretary of State's office doesn't have the suspension on file and they can't process the application to be enrolled in the baiid program unless there is a suspension on file. I called the Secretary of State's office and they said at any given moment though, they could enter in the information and my license is suspended. So I'm not suspended but I could be and I'm not eligible for the baiid, what do I do?

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You keep driving-legally-until you get the suspension notice. Until you are suspended you are legal to drive (assuming you have not been convicted of the DUI and revoked. In that case the MDDP is not valid anyway)



I was convicted of the DUI, and got the suspension letter, but the Secretary of State's office doesn't have the suspension on file.


First, you need an attorney to help you with the DUI.

Second, the previous answer was fantastic advice.

Third, BAIID eligibility is dependent on several factors you have no presented. Follow the first piece of advice I just gave and you will be much happier.

Good luck.

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